Circus Workshops

Hi Jo,
Thankyou for attending our holiday program! The kids absolutely loved it! Could I please rebook for the following school holidays? Preferably a day in the first week of the holidays? They start on January 5th 2015.
Kind regards,

Caitlin Boler

Disability Programs, Groups Coordinator, Coastlink

Hi JoJo,
Just a note to let you know that the circus workshop was perfect & everyone loved the clown you sent. He spaced his routine very well & noone got bored. Please let him know & enclosed are some photos for him, Regards,

Yvonne Leach

Hi Jo,
it’s that time of year again and I’m starting to book the activities for our school holiday program. Could I please book you in again at Hopetown School Wyong? I heard it was a huge hit!! I have Thursday 25th September in mind if you’re free?Regards,

Caitlin Boler

Disability Programs, Groups Coordinator, Coastlink

Magician, Clown and Character Entertainment

Hi Jo,
Could you please extend our thanks to Glynn for the fabulous magic show he did for Ella today, the kids loved it!  I thought I had your banking details to pay the remaining balance for the show but I can’t find it.  Could you send me the details and we will pay straight away. Kind regards,

Tina and Andrew Campbell

Mr Sparkles, Sparkles at Warnervale Wellness Centre!!!!
Mr Sparkles was invited to  perform at Warnervale Wellness Centre, (a day centre for frail aged, dementia & younger onset dementia). Mr Sparkles not only captivated the interest of our audience with his amazing talent, but also his personality, that demonstrated a genuiness, respect and care for all who watch the performance on the day. Mr Sparkles didn’t just put on a show he put on a performance, that at time created much laughter within our group and left many with happy faces long after he had left. We are currently looking at booking in Mr Sparkles again for a future event. For any group looking for something a little different for an activity /entertainment, I would endorse Mr.Sparkles to sparkle up your day any time!! Cheers,

Mark Synot

Activity Officer, Catholic Community Services, Warnervale Wellness Centre

Childrens Disco Party

just wanted to say thank you for a really great disco party for my granddaughter’s 7th birthday yesterday. Everything went really well and Chantelle did a fantastic job – the birthday girl and all her friends were delighted and everyone had great fun! Cheers,

Helen McNicol

Photographer & Red Carpet Hire for Event

Hey there Jo – awesome day.  Thank you so much for organising everything for us.  It was great.  Mick (photographer) was fantastic, super nice & really flexible.  He captured perfect images for the day. Thank you!

Angela Field

Local Business Development Specialist

Play Gym Music Classes

My 4 yr old daughter attends JoJo’s Play Gym music and movement classes every Thursday morning. She loves it. They sing and use instruments and she is starting to get a rhythm going. Cathy (the teacher) shows a genuine interest in her development and Emily has blossomed during the last term. I know a big part of this has been from all of the benefits she has gained from participating in these classes, and the loving atmosphere. Thanks Cathy & Jo!

Corinne & Emily

Pt Frederick

Hi there,
I’d just like to say a big THANK YOU for these music classes. The enjoyment doesn’t stop when they walk out the door – all week my boys talk about what they learned and what might happen next time. The singing, dancing and movement all contribute to a well-rounded musical experience which is just perfect for my little boys. Can’t wait for next week,

Michelle, Eddie and Sam