800W Inverter Generator

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Hire cost: $60
Supplied with a full tank of petrol.

Is this product for you?

If you need a small and reliable generator, this Blackridge Generator is an 800 watt 4 stroke inverter generator with a 2.1 litre fuel tank. It has a quiet level of noise during operation, with 68db at 7m. It includes three notification lights that indicate low oil, overload, and output..

How easy is it to use?

This generator is suited to powering laptops, DVD players, TVs, and other similar digital appliances. Its small size and quiet operation noise levels mean that it is perfect for powering these kinds of smaller household appliances with minimal difficulty, noise, and fuss.


  • 4 stroke Pure Sine inverter generator
  • 2.1 Litre fuel tank
  • Noise: 68db @ 7m
  • 930w peak power – 800w continuous
  • Approximate run time: 4hrs @ 600w
  • Suitable to power laptops, DVD’s, TV’s & other digital appliances
  • Nett weight:15kg