Food/Drink Machines – Sno Cones

Sno Cones are everyone’s favourite, and perfect for hot summer days. Available for DIY Hire or we can come to your event and do it all for you. Check out the options below.

DIY Hire
This is when you, Pick Up, Set Up, Operate, Serve, Pack Up, Clean the Machine and Deliver it back to us. 

Costs: $145
Includes: 100 cones, 4 flavours and 100 spoon straws
Extras – 
50 cones, spoon straws and 2lts of syrup: $40

Syrup Flavours: 
Choose 4 Flavours from the following:
Blue Lemonade, Raspberry Ice, Cola Crush or Lime Freeze

How much ice will you need?
A 5kg bag of ice will make approximately 20 to 30 cones. 

Operated Hire
A JoJo’s staff member will: Deliver, Set Up, Operate, Serve, Pack Up and Clean the Machine

Costs:  Includes unlimited Sno Cones. (Ice is not supplied)
Two hours from: $350
Three hours from: $425
Four hours from: $500
Five hours from: $575
Six hours from: $650 

Operated Hire Notes

A sturdy table (trestle table is fine), must be provided, if you are not hiring the cart.

We will require shade cover in summer. Under a tree would be fine. 

Close access to electricity is required.