Jungle Lady Gorilla

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Cost: From $125 (price will differ according to the time, location and other factors)
Includes: 3 Balloon Message Bouquet, Message Gram with or without a standard poem, Delivery and Presentation.
Upgrade: Add a foil message balloon to the bouquet for $12.50.

Why not add on a personalized poem, or an additional gift from our gift page?

Our Comedy Lady Gorilla will arrive with your special message, and a poem if you wish, on a Telegram, along with a Balloon Bouquet, to present to the recipient. She will read the poem and or gram out aloud, so everyone can enjoy the moment. She will encourage everyone to take photos etc, as usually people are laughing so much they forget to capture the moment!

We go into workplaces, private residences, restaurants and just about anywhere really!