Stainless Steel Fire Pit

Our awesome STAINLESS STEEL Compact Campfire Fire Pit can also be used for cooking.  It comes with a grill which can be fitted over it and removed when not needed. Ideal for use in the back yard or for travelling. Designed to contain the fire and ash for minimal impact on grassed areas. Makes a great fire for cooking or just sitting around. You can team this up with our large BBQ Grill plate which fits over it nicely, if you want a more solid cooking surface to use with this fire pit. Ask for a $10 package discount if you book both of these.

Hire Cost; $75

Comes in a heavy duty canvas bag for transportation. Has a lid to cover it when you are finished with it for the night.
Dimensions: Total assembled height including lid is 440mm. with 140mm clearance from the ground.
Weight 8.6Kg.