Sticky Wall

Are you celebrating a birthday and want something to keep the kids happy? Why not hire a fantastic Inflatable from JoJo’s. Our bouncy inflatables and castles will keep the kids occupied all day or night! We service the entire Central Coast, Hunter Valley and Newcastle areas.

Sticky Wall Inflatable Fun:  Don a Velcro Jumpsuit, take a run up and see how high you can stick yourself on the Sticky Wall. Loads of fun for all ages including adults. We have 6  suits, two in a childs size (suitable for around 7yr old and up, depending on size), two teenage/adult suits and two larger adults suits. Our larger adult suit can easily fit a 6.2m male, but we are unsure of how large a size person it will take up to.

Inflatabe Specs:
Dimensions- 3.81m Width x 6.5m length x3.66m height
Space Required: 7m by 6m

Unsupervised Hire: Four hours: From $400 (Hire finishes by 4pm)
All Day: From $500 (Day starts at 9am and finishes at 4pm)
Overnight Hire: Set up by 6pm From $500
Day & Overnight hire: From $650 (set up by 11am, picked up following morning)
Supervised Hire Supervised Daytime Hire Cost:
Two hours Midweek From $400
Two hours Saturday From $450
Two hours Sunday From $500
Supervised Night time hire Two hours Midweek: From $450
Two hours Saturday: From $500
Two hours Sunday: From $550
Extra time of Supervised Hire: From $100 per hour.

You need to inform us if: The access to where you want the inflatable erected has steps and/or a hill or is less than 1m in width. If the inflatable is to be placed on a hard surface.
Set up Site: – A fairly flat area is needed to set inflatables up on. A slight slope is ok. The area the Inflatable is going needs to be cleared from sticks, stones and doggy business. – All Inflatables require a power point within 20 metres. Setup Access: Medium sized Inflatables require 1m width clearance to get into the area you need it set up in. Clearance around Inflatables; There needs to be at least 750mm around the front and sides of a Inflatable and 1m behind the Inflatable for the pump to be set up.

What if it rains? What if it rains? Our pumps are safe to use in rainy conditions so hires are able to go ahead on days there is a chance of rain forecast. However, stormy and/or windy conditions can make it unsuitable for Inflatable use. Please notify us if you are concerned about the weather conditions at your location. A JoJo’s Staff member will notify you at the soonest possible time, should weather conditions be unsafe for inflatable units. We do not charge a cancellation fee under these conditions and deposits may be refundable. If you decide not to go ahead with a hire because of the weather conditions please let us know as soon as possible.