Pop Corn Machine Red

There’s nothing like the smell and sound of fresh buttery popcorn popping to add atmosphere to your event!
Available for DIY Hire or we can come to your event and do it all for you. Check out the options below.

DIY Hire 
This is when youPick Up, Set Up, Operate, Serve, Pack Up, Clean the Machine and Deliver back to us.
Costs – $185
Includes 100 Popcorn cups, popcorn, popcorn butter and popcorn salt
Additional 50 Serves: $35

With DIY Hire the machine needs to be returned clean or the hirer will incur a $25 cleaning fee.

Operated Hire
This is when a JoJo’s staff member will, Deliver, Set Up, Operate, Serve, Pack Up and Clean the Machine.
Costs – Unlimited Popcorn with one operator: 
Two hours from:
Three hours from: $475
Four hours from: $550
Five hours from: $625
Six hours from: $700

Cart Hire:
The cart can be hired for an additional $50, or the machine can be placed on a sturdy table, which can be viewed on the black popcorn machine page. 

Important Notes for Operated Hire:

If you expect your event to be busy from the beginning we suggest you book us to start making your popcorn at least 30 minutes beforehand so you have a stock on hand to give out from the beginning. The popcorn is kept warm by the heater element under the bottom.

A sturdy table (trestle table is fine), must be provided, if you are not hiring the cart.

We will require shade cover in summer. Under a tree would be fine.

Close access to electricity is required.


We have the MACHINE in red and black