Food/Drink Machines – Fairy Floss

Mouth-watering fairy floss is a must for any event!

DIY Hire
This is when you: Pick Up, Set Up, Operate, Serve, Pack Up, Clean the Machine and Deliver back to us.

Small commercial machine: Includes 50 Serves: $95 – this machine is only suitable for private parties as it cannot be run continuously for long periods.
Large commercial machine: Includes 100 serves: $145
Extras:  50 serves: $25

Operated Hire
An experienced JoJo’s staff member will: Deliver, Set Up, Operate, Serve out the Fairy Floss, Pack Up and Clean the Machine.
For operated hire we use the large commercial machine to ensure the maximum fairy floss output for our client.

Costs – Includes unlimited fairy floss
Two hours from: $350
Three hours from:$425
Four hours from: $500
Five hours from:$575
Six hours from: $650

Please note:

With operated hire, a sturdy table (trestle table is fine), must be provided.

Shade cover must be provided in spring, summer and autumn. Under a tree etc would be fine.

Close access to electricity is required. This machine requires a dedicated power point. No sharing or powerboards to be used.