Food/Drink Machines – Frozen Cocktail Slushie Machines from$199

Nothing is quite as refreshing as an icy cold slushie or frozen cocktail! Each bowl of our machine holds 12 litres of slushie mix and in makes approximately 120 x 200ml slushie’s.

Hire Cost from: $199

If you require delivery/pickup, please let us know the date and suburb you are in to get a quote.

      • Notes
    • The mixes will slush up in 2-3 hours in normal conditions.  (Machines need to be in a shady position out of the sun). You do not need to add any ice.
    • The frozen slush mixture is dispensed by the taps.
      You switch the machine off when it is empty or no longer required.
    • Cleaning. You just need to make sure the machine is empty of all mix and run warm through it.Double Bowl Slushie Machine

      – (makes 120 drinks using 200ml cups)
      Flavours – per bowl -$30 (comes with 25 cups & spoon straws)

Slushie Flavours
Choose 2 flavours from the following:
Blue Lemonade
Raspberry Ice
Cola Crush
Lime Freeze
Tropical Tango

Cocktail Flavours

With our exciting Cocktail bases, all the flavours are in the cocktail mix.
You only need to add a bottle of Vodka (you choose the size bottle) to any of the mixes below.

Fruit Tingle – mixed fruits with lemonade base add vodka (purple in colour)
Lemon Margarita – delicious lemon flavour add tequila (orange)
Illusion – melon flavour with a hint of vanilla add medori or vodka (green)
Pina Colada pineapple and coconut with a hint of lime add white rum ( yellow colour)
The Splice – a pine/lime flavour sensation add vodka (green in colour)
Tropical Head Rush – tropical fruit flavour add vodka (orange)
Sex on the Beach – Orange, peach and cranberry add vodka (orange)
The Jack – Cola flavour add bourbon
Cosmopolitan – Cranberry, peach & lime add vodka (dark red)
Mojito – Lime Juice, mint and sugar add white rum or vodka (light green)
Coyote Ugly – mango, passion fruit and black current add vodka (green)
Melon Splice – melon, lime and coconut add white rum or vodka ( dark green)
Caribbean Crush – Orange, pineapple and passion fruit add vodka or white rum (orange)
Blue Hawaiian – mixed berries & pinapple with a hint of coconut add white rum or (blue)
Shock Treatment – lemonade with a hint of blue cucurio add vodka (blue)
Lemon Lime Margarita – lemon margarita with lime add tequila (light green)
Tequila Sunrise – orange and grenadine with a touch of lime add tequila (orange)
Raspberry Cruiser –  Raspberry flavours, add vodka
Lime Cruiser – Lime flavours, add vodka
Lemon Lime Cruiser (light green in colour), Lemon & Lime flavours, add vodka
Passion Punch – a mix of tropical fruits with passion fruit add vodka ( orange)
Blue Lagoon – Orange, Pineapple & Coconut, add white rum or vodka (blue in colour)
Head Rush – Orange, Peach & Strawberry, add Vodka (orange/red colour


How much alcohol do I add? That is up to your own personal taste. Either two 700ml bottles per side, or one 1 litre bottle.

Is ice required? No. The machine freezes the slushy/cocktail itself. If you add ice it will break the turning pedal in the machine resulting in a $400.00 replacement cost.

How long does it take to freeze? It normally takes around two to three hours for the mix to slush up, depending on the outside temperature. On really warm days it may take longer. One side will freeze before the other.
If you are running short on time, we suggest you half fill each bowl and allow it to slush up before adding more mix.

How many litres does each side contain?
 Each bowl contains 10 to 12 litres of slushie flavour mix. So a twin bowl machine can hold 20 litres at a time. If you get extra slushie mix, all you need to do is top up the machine as the party goes on.

How do I add more slushie mix?
  Lift the light box on the top of the machine and pour the ready mixed slushie/cocktail mix straight in. Keep topping it up during the party. Don’t wait until the bowl is empty because it will take another hour for the slushie/cocktail to freeze again.

How many drinks does a twin bowl machine make?
 If you use a standard 200ml cup you will able to make about 110 drinks (this includes 10% expansion in the frozen slushy/cocktail)

What power outlet is needed for the machine?
 The machine requires a standard power outlet.

Do I need to clean the machine?
 No. Just make sure the machine is empty of all liquid before it is picked up.

Can the machine be placed outdoors? The machine must not be exposed to direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will melt the light box covers on top of the machine as well as prevent the slushie/cocktail from properly freezing up.

Where can the machine be placed?
 The cocktail machine must be placed on top of a sturdy table, as it is over 80Kg when filled with the slushie/cocktail.