New Baby

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1: Your New Arrival

It’s got a cute nose and big round eyes;
It’s created excitement you can’t disguise;
It’s a wonderful baby from a perfect pair,
And that’s reason enough for a great fanfare.

So… ta-dah!Congratulations on your new arrival.

2: Joy Without Measure

We heard the good news,
So it’s hip, hip, hooray!
We’re so happy for you,
And we hope and we pray
That your brand new addition
Is a wonderful treasure,
And along with the work,
He/she brings joy beyond measure.

3: Precious Baby

A new family member has arrived,
Your darling, precious baby.
Your lives are filled with amazing love,
And sleep has become a `maybe!`

Congratulations! Now enjoy
Your dear and special treasure;
Your lives are better, now transformed
With childhood’s awesome pleasure.

4: Boy, Oh Boy!

Your life will be filled with riotous joy;
You’re in for it now; boy, oh boy!
Your new and thrilling life begins,
Full of baby boy coos and mischievous grins.

He’ll use every trick and baby ploy
To get your attention…your baby boy.
Soon he’ll crawl, explore and run;
His boyish adventures will never be done.

So don’t waste time with your newest toy,
He’ll be grown in a moment, your cute baby boy.

5: Collect Sweet Memories

I/We hear you have a new addition,
A sweet little gal who is quite a magician,
Transforming each normal adult who sees her
To a comical fool just trying to please her.

She’ll wrap you around her little finger,
As around her crib you often linger,
Searching for what can make your hearts twirl–
The adorable smile of your baby girl.

Cherish each moment while she’s still small.
Collect sweet memories for later recall.
For when she’s grown up and on her own,
You’ll wonder where the time has flown.