Personalized Poetry

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Would you like to surprise your loved one/friend/co-worker with a poem written about and just for them?

We offer personalized poems from just $25.
Choose from a limerick style poem or for a more classic, longer poem the cost is approximately $20 per verse.

How does it work?
You will need to email us through some information about the person/s and our inhouse poet will create the limerick or a longer poem from that.
The limerick style poem (which costs $25), traditionally has a funny slant to it.
Longer poems can include the life history of someone, or a couple (eg, how a couple met and things pertaining to their life journey and family together).
We have created many life history poems which have been framed and treasured by the recipients and their families.

Information we need from you:
The persons name, where they live, or where they have come from.
The kind of work they do.
Any funny habits or quirks they have.
Anything funny that has happened to them.
Any passions, dreams, or ambitions they may have.
Anything else you can think of.

If we are just writing a short limerick we may just use a few pieces of the information you send us, however, it is helpful to have alot of different information to start with as that will be easier to work with.
If we are writing a longer poem, we may request more information if needed.